the boy with the broken stomach
It's never too late to experience winter wonderland!

I have never tried ice skating in my entire life. I had had a fear after watching Final Destination 6. With all the paranoia I swear to myself not to try it. But what else could you do when you’re surrounded with adrenaline-packed friends ready to combat the unknown. And take note we were all first timers.

Putting on the skating shoes was hell hard and if in one point an ant bites you inside you cannot easily unplug your foot to escape the bug’s venom. It was like putting yourself nearer to death. After putting our dancing shoes the next was the hardest part, putting your feet into the ice. It was like when man first step foot on the moon, a combined feeling of slippery-when-wet and keep-off-the-grass warnings. And in just a few seconds we fell off like a domino. These were the few moments of every ice skating experience started – “first fall”, leaving a cold damp butt. Experience the thrill at SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink for only Php 390 and skate 'til you ankles ache.

I envy the little kids gliding effortlessly on the ice skating range, as if they were born that way. They were like cute little penguins and we were like stupid little freaks staring at them. Nevertheless I enjoyed this experience, plunging into the ice while having sweat beads on my forehead. Ice ice baby!

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