the boy with the broken stomach

Happy new me! That's my new year's resolution. 

New year for a new life. Let's all welcome it with happiness in our hearts. Make this a new start and a symbol of hope for each one of us. It's 2012, rejoice!

Every time the New Year comes we all look forward for celebration and aspiring a better tomorrow; believing to the promise prosperity, luck, love and everything good. Not to mention our eagerness for change of one's self, popularly known as "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION". But most of these are left as sole promises and doesn't really been accomplished for the entire year. So why fool yourself, tell everybody about your new year's resolution, when in the first place you're into it. Why create a long to do's list that is impossible to achieve, when you can have one simple goal. Be happy! Happy new me on 2012 and everything will fall into place. 

I don't expect for anything, I'm just looking forward for the wonderful things this year has to offer for me. If it is love, good. If it is money, better. Whatever it is I'm hoping for the best. Let's all have this kind of attitude and be positive. Party like, like it's the end of the world! But wait the world won't end, because my yogurt will expire in 2014. Do not fret.

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