the boy with the broken stomach
Photo taken by Gervie Macahia
Batangas has the X Factor!

The X Factor Philippines Batangas audition held at my alma mater First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAIth), Tanauan City Batangas.

 I’m not a fan of local reality/ talent shows but I could not really resist the temptation of seeing the now Super-Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle-Oh-So-Gorgeous host – KC Concepcion. The nationwide phenomenon is just starting because you’ll definitely get hooked. The X Factor is on!

I prepared so much for this day, to see KC in flesh. I went just in the nick in time and lucky to see her holding area just before she arrives. I took a picture of it, having a great hope to catch her and see her close. And her van arrived and the crowd including me became excited. More passionate than the contestants, we eagerly waited for her to step out of the van but so came the bouncers, bouncing us away. But that didn’t stop me; I waited until she came out. That moment was priceless, that I was star-struck holding my phone looking for the camera button and while being an idiot to not able to take a picture. The only thing that came into my mouth was – “Si KC. Si KC oh.” Then she said hi, entered the room and she was gone. :(
We waited for her to come out of the van

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