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Are you top or bottom in SE*?

So you started posting online and getting the hang of it. But a few posts more and you have noticed that you’re only like talking to yourself. No one reads your blog. You find out you’re doomed and decided to stop. Should you? The answer is no. Continue reading if you want to be on top.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has several rules and most of them are too technical or just limits your creativity. Here’s some tips that you should know how to get a decent traffic for your blog.

First thing you should write reguarly, by that I mean some good articles and not some bunch of random thoughts. Do some research about a certain topic or tell a personal experience that you think can be helpful to others.

Second, write short and meaningful, adding humor can help. Pick words that express rather than impress. The internet is vast and people don’t have enough time to read your highfalutin junk.

Third, choose the right keywords. If you’re aiming to be on top of search engine results, take a title that contains your topic and appears frequently on your article.

Lastly, just be yourself. Nothing beats originality. If you are passionate on what you do, everything else will follow. No matter if you’re on top or bottom in SEO, it becomes more rewarding to write all your heart out.

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