the boy with the broken stomach
"It takes two to tango."

It's been  four months and a day and  my life has changed so drastically. I never imagined that in a short period of time I would experience all of these. From the first pay day to the budol-budol incident to the sleepless night just to make sure you get the deliverable on time. Life after college is way better that anything else. And I love my single-hood.

Every Sunday evening I go to the nearby mall on our place. Eat dinner at my favorite restaurant Mang Inasal and combat with gluttony. Whenever I have time I try to watch movie (and pretend I have a girlfriend). Over the past few months I have never been engaged to anything romantic, not even close to flirting. Due to the nature of my work, lifestyle and attitude it seems being single is the best deal I have. You don’t need to call your girlfriend just to check where she is. You don’t need to remember dates of your dates. You don’t need to feed an extra mouth every pay day. Life is much simpler. But I'm always looking forward to someone who would care for me and make me happy.

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