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Love is blind.

Gayuma or Love Potion is a concoction that is believed to influence the feelings of your victim. This is usually made of several herbs and special fluids accompanied by a magical ritual to have a potent effect. But sometimes all these flowery words are not true. Love potions can be done is a simple yet effective way. Nothing spectacular.

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When I was in High School, summer of 2005 I went to Cavite to have a vacation with my cousins. And my journey to discovering the art of witchcraft started there. There was no old wicked witch living in there, just bountiful resources and of course the internet. I was able to collect several information about the how-to’s of magic and I would like to share it with you!

There’ll be series of tutorial giving insights and procedure for you to try. But a piece of advice not all of the spells I’ll be sharing would work for you because we are all different. Some might work for you and others won’t, so be patient and enjoy.

For our first spell, we’ll make your own gayuma. And as I promised you don’t need to gather herbs you don’t know where to find, all you need are simple ingredients. Collect things that you think can be linked to love. Something sweet, red and juicy like apples, wine, strawberry juice and the like. Now brew them on a bowl on Friday night. Stir them while thinking the one you love and recite the spell below (taken from several times. You can do it alone or you can do it with your friends (preferably three persons).

Love Potion, cauldron brew. Now be charged with magick true With intent I speak this charm. All be blessed, and none be harmed. Ever minding the law of three. As my will so mote it be.
After doing the ritual, find a way for your lover to drink it.Good luck! Blessed be.

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