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Abe and AB Maningat-Consul Nuptial with my good friend Aina

Meron pa rin forever! (There’s still forever!)”

We all dream of that one true love to walk into our life, that special someone that we can share our forever. It seems so hard to find it but we should never lose hope. There’s still forever – for real!

It was a decade of love for Abe and AB – now Mr. and Mrs. Maningat-Consul – when they tied the knot last March 12. Their relationship went through several ups and downs – it wasn’t perfect – but that day was. Witnessed by their families and friends, it was a very solemn and hearth warming celebration of a magical story that took ten wonderful years.

Every now and then, I would be with these two on reunions and have chit-chats with them. But everything was different when I attended their wedding, with my good friend Aina. It made me feel this weird tingling sensation of happiness and excitement again (just like last year), when they exchanged their vows.

“..Ini-i-SMALL man nila ako, inii-BIG naman kita,” Abe said jokingly but with sincerity.

“...I can now already say that I’m ABC,” said AB with a trembling voice and teary eyes of sheer joy.

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When you see these kind of people, it gives you hope that someday and somehow you too can find someone to share those intimate lines: “to cherish and to hold, as long as you shall live,” even if it takes a while. When you can celebrate a magical moment like this and be a part of the story, it makes you believe that true love still exists. It might be hard to find, but you know it’s real and it’s somewhere out there.

To my two good friends, Abe Maningat-Consul and Mary Anne Bernadette Maningat-Consul, I wish you joy, happiness and success in every way possible. May you forever share the love and passion to face every day of your life strong together. Congratulations and best wishes!

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