the boy with the broken stomach

It was 8 am or something around that. I just finished jogging and was about to take a bath. I went at the back door to get my towel, then a rush of wind blew slamming the door hard. I hurried to the knob but it was too late. I was locked outside. The small space made me claustrophobic but I tried to calm myself. I told myself I'm not that weak. I need to stay focus. I need to be smart. I tried to shift my attention to everything that was happening. I imagined I'm on an aptitude test, like on the movie Divergent. I am a divergent! This is just a simulation; but it wasn't. I had to deal this for real.

I tried to wait for a couple of minutes, hoping my land lady come by and check on me, like she always do. Then moments passed and I started to get impatient. I looked at my surroundings. Everything was becoming uneasy. The awful smell of my cat's feces was suffocating. The temperature was getting warmer. I thought that I could lose my consciousness when I continue to breathe into this. I had to take an action. Panic was already consuming me.

I tried thrice to pull myself on to the concrete dividing me and the other apartment. I looked down from my position how high I was from the ground, from the wall decorated with pieces of broken glasses, which surely can cut me. I went down again and grab this small stone I used to expoliate. I told myself: "This is so divergent! I'm on an aptitude test"

I hit the glasses using the small stone to clear some space for my hand to hold. When I got a decent portion, I collected my courage. This was it. I need to jump. I tried to recall all those science videos I watched on Youtube. I tried to remember my lessons on physics regarding free fall. I tried to analyze everything as I could, before plunging to this dangerous act.

When I looked again, more than 5 feet above, I saw pieces of glasses on the grass. I needed to push myself a little bit to avoid those sharp objects below. I had to maneuver my body with the least impact and the safest landing possible. Then I dived for the longest two seconds of my life. I landed my right foot first on the ground flawlessly. I was delighted I made a good jump. After a split second, my left foot ache so hard I can't bare the pain.

My eyes started to mist but I needed to stay focus. If I cry, it won't help. The sun was burning my skin and the dirt was rubbing over me. I tried to walk but I can't, so I crawled. I crawled to find help, but there wasn't any.

A couple of meters away, there was still no help. There were two men from a junk shop. I tried to call there attention, but they just stared back to me. There were people few yards away, just looking at me. Everything was horrifying. I was about to lose hope then help came. Next thing I knew I was inside my land lady's car, heading to the hospital. I was still in pain, but I felt a relief. Finally.

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