the boy with the broken stomach

"Enjoying summer a little bit more."

Summer is almost over but the blast never stops at the enchanting island of Boracay. Discover the wonders of this sanctuary that never fails to surprise its tourists, be it day or night. Here are 6 things to enjoy your late summer escapade:

  1. Big Mouth

    Finding a place to eat was a challenge, not because of scarcity but the abundance of choices. You certainly need a big mouth to fit all those delicious dishes. If you wanted to have a "Putok Batok" lunch you should try there Sea Food in aligue sauce, but be sure you have your maintenance medicine with you.
  2. Sun Bathing

    Toast yourself until golden brown under the sun just to brag your burnt skin when you go back home, "Oh! Don't touch me. I have sunburn from Bora Darla." Don't forget to take a wide shot, so you can post it online for your friends to speculate if it's a photo of you on a vacation or you surviving on a ship wreckage stranded on an island.
  3. Picture Taking

    If you can't go for water activities due to your friend's monthly girl thing, then what better way to make the best out of your stay than to take as many pictures as you can on your monopod aided phone. It still counts as a water activity because you took it on the beach.
  4. Epic Walwal

    I never really fully understood the word "walwal" not until that night, where there was upbeat jam and crazy people grooving to ecstasy. It's funny how three cups of alcohol could transform all those rich kids into party animals. They say don't talk to strangers but it's okay to party with them.
  5. Notes

    If you're inside a bar with loud music and you can't afford to force your throat use your Notes app to make a conversation, even if it entails for you to be mistaken mute. I had a hard time talking to strangers and yes being an introvert sucks. The good thing about this was, you're conversation was recorded and you can review the next day to make crazy assumption of what happened that night.
  6. International Friends

    Sometime's I wonder if I'm still in Boracaya or in Korea because the majority of the tourists are Koreans, as if you're on a Koreanovela island. But there are also other foreigners like this one white guy who wanted to take a picture with me because we had the same shirt.

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