the boy with the broken stomach

"Just do it...tomorrow."

We totally believed we had the luxury of time, wondering and wasting every single precious minute to some unproductive activity. It would have been more fruitful if we prioritized our errands. Perhaps we weren't supposed to exit from the danger of toxic buzzer beating. There's no one to blame here but you and your ill habit, which is wasting your time, money and elbow grease.

Later is not always better and never will it be. If you enjoy the thrill of rushing your work and hitting last minute deadline, you should stop these partly suicidal habits. Not alone are you setting yourself into pressure, which you could have avoided, you're also getting less quality output.

The act of delaying things to be done today and repeating the cycle the next day is an infinite loop of procrastination that consumes a person to exhaustion. It would have been nicer if you had more time to retrospect and make alterations, but you can't afford that anymore. Your willingness to change is the key to this quandary. You should take an action, because no one will for you.

Procrastination can't be eliminated , but it can be minimized. Taking away distractions will aide you finish tasks and here are some hints for you to sample:

  1. Working off your internet connection for a while so you don't get hooked on those cute cat pictures and hilarious GIFs will save you time. Only if getting offline isn't possible because your work depends on it, put an additional effort on browsing related sites only. 
  2. Drinking an energy booster such as a cup of coffee will help you focus and alert especially during the wee hours. It is advisable to get a sip between 9:30-11:30 am and 1:30-5:30 pm when your cortisol level is going down. 
  3. Creating a to-do list to enumerate your tasks will help you organized and more expert at time management. If you have listed your errand, it's much easier to pass over your advancement. 
  4. Skipping might be counter-intuitive, but if one item on your list is time consuming skip it and resolve it later. Getting beaten on an item will bear on the balance of your projects. 
  5. Listening to your favorite music will also heighten your mood and be more proactive. It will energize and awaken your senses if you’re in a serious state.
  6. Resting when everything seems to be an overload will help you unclutter your head and decide better. If you cramp all without having a break, chances are you will find yourself beaten and less concerned. 
  7. Reward yourself. There's no better way of beating procrastination than to have a positive reinforcement. It gives you this sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.
Getting better with your goals is easy if you plan well and make use of your time wisely. Remain aside from time-wasting activity and concentrate on what matters most, because in the long run you will harvest the benefits of your fruitful labor. Avoid distractions and stop procrastination.

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