the boy with the broken stomach

"Cheers for the Queen!"

Kristine Queen Kalaw(@kristinequeenk). 22. Philippines! Oops, I thought she was one of the candidates. This adorable young lady has set herself on fire last Saturday on their humble home. The night was all about peepz, alcohol and up beat tasteful music courtesy of his brother DJ Kenneth Kalaw(@kalawkennethking). With all the crazy kids in one place certainly no one can stop the party, even a Barangay Konsehal with their neighbor's complain. 

Krisi, as her friends call her is a fierce and feisty woman with a pure heart and bitchy kidney aimed for bar hopping. We've been friends because of her lovely sister Kim (@kemkemhurhurr). Attitude is one of the things I like about her. She can carry herself with class and still be approachable. Having a degree in management she also has an eye on business not to mention her online store @KicksKalaw. Find good deals and merchandise for a very reasonable price plus you get to meet this hot chick.

P.S. Happy Birthday Krisi! Drink Fast. Run Faster. Here's one more little gift for you. Enjoy!

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