the boy with the broken stomach
"Family makes you full."

It's been four days since the incident happened. I thought everything will be gone. I had doubts for myself and that anytime sooner I will lose them. I was wrong. I was just over analyzing. I was judging them that they will judge me but they did not. We are family and family don't leave family.

No matter how many ounces of beer you drink it can't drown your problem. It'll just make your stomach full but your heart still empty. You might have floating feeling on your head and help you sleep but when you wake up in the morning nothing has changed — well at least it helped you sleep.

Yesterday I wasn't really opening up to anyone. I was still silent. I'm just not really ready to talk about it. I feel so much insecure and uncomfortable. Luckily my best cousins were trying to reach out. I was thankful but I kept my words to a little. I know I am full of love and that I will never be alone. I have them on my back. Maybe when I'm ready I'll speak up and tell them everything. My hopes, fears and reservations. One day I will tell them full story.

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