the boy with the broken stomach
"Ho ho holidays shouldn't be ho ho hassle."

Malls are filled with swarming-last-minute shoppers trying their best  to complete their list for their friends, families and significant others. Not only this gives you stress and hassle, it also exposes you being pickpocketed on these crazy-crowded areas. Since you are on  hurry or distracted by the environment, you end up buying things that are either defective, expensive or simply not your size. Is there a solution for this dilemma?

Zalora is the answer. Shop online with quality and reasonable products from a variety of brands both local and international. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with just a few clicks or using your smartphone; not to mention special discounts and rebates with regular purchases. You also have several payment options like Cash on Delivery and 30 days free return policy just in case you didn't like the product. One more good thing about this is FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

I have several purchases with Zalora and ever since I never had issues with their service. Products are exceptional. Deliveries are quick. Discounts are great. Who would not be a "Zuki" if you have a merchant this good? Well I guess promoting them like this might just make me qualified to be a Zalora Brand Ambassador.

"..access to over 500 local and international brand .." - Zalora

One thing I'm bit cautious about is getting an outfit that's so common you get to see others wearing it. Luckily Zalora provides rich selections. Recently I ordered from their new clothing line Ezra. I simply love their floral and acid washed tops. It gives a fine mix of class and ruggedness which I identify my taste. It's perfect for those who want to play with plains, prints and textures. So if you're still undecided for your Holiday getup you should check Zalora and I'm sure you'll gonna find it there. Didn't I mention that they also offer novelty items and other stuffs as perfect exchange gifts.

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