the boy with the broken stomach
Donya Ina
"Anak, Kalalaki mong tao. Ang hilig mo sa sexy lips na effect. Tapatin mo nga ako! Paki Explain!! Lab U!!"
Have you've been scolded by your mom so many times about not cleaning the dishes or doing your laundry Or did she ever had a conversation to you about your annoying posts on Facebook or selfies on Instagram? Well, you should be more cautious because our "Social Media Momster" a.k.a Donya Ina, from Ikaw at Ang Ina segment of Bubble Gang, is here to discipline you for good.

Donya Ina(@nanay_anak), born on October 1, 1000, according to here Facebook fan page created last October 9, has deliberately posting advise to her more than 95,000 "anak" of  how to behave accordingly over social media. She has gained instant popularity due to here amusing and striking commentaries of young people's behavior: from being pretentiously sosyal to disturbing selfies with excessive hashtags. Personally I'm guilty about this, because almost all her sermons are factual, reminding us that too much is poison.

Sometimes we think that what is trendy or in is good, but should we pause for awhile and think about it.  If you think claiming yourself cool online for a handful of likes and comments would make you a better person, you're wrong! Being true to ourselves should be the utmost purpose of communication rather than pretending to be someone else. Donya Ina is a constant reminder to us that although we can enjoy the benefits of social media, we also should be responsible for everything we post. Even though she's grumpy, deep inside she just wants to share her maternal love to all of us. Always remember that she...Lab U!

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