the boy with the broken stomach
“Kung gusto mo ng malamig na juice, e di paypayan mo!”
-Elsa, Doc Resureccion

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see my cousin perform on his school play as the lead actor and a director of both Doc Resureccion and adaptation of Tatarin. Well I guess it runs in the blood. Haven’t I mention that I had this same passion of theatrical plays when I was studying? I also did direct plays and short films on most of my school projects but in my cousin’s case, it was way bigger.

I saw him grow up. I was once his baby sitter. It gave only me goose bumps watching him, as if I saw a different person on stage. He’s not my cousin but Boy Pogi (Doc Resureccion), a fortuneless man running as nuisance candidate whose only dream is to become a janitor and Don Paeng (Tatarin), a feminist rich man who treats his better half a property and not a wife. All in all both plays were both fascinating. A good start up. This I could see the passion on my cousin’s eyes and his love for his craft.

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart; do what you really love and everything else will follow. I’m so proud of my cousin for being cool and free-spirit. I think he’s enjoying his life now more than ever. Congratulations to you Direk Angelo Rein Arroyo!

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