the boy with the broken stomach

(continued from The Boss Psychology II)

Try to delegate task accordingly. Tasks should be given to the right person. Each member of the team has his expertise so make sure you know you them. Don’t expect a designer do a developer’s task. It will just waste your time; if no one can do it yourself.

Coffee breaks have this mystical power of reinvigorating the team. Not only does it awaken the senses but it also helps loosening tension. One of the best perks of being a boss is you get to have someone make your coffee, luckily my team did this for me when we had a good coffee at the office. Drinking coffee like a boss, ayos!

All of these are good in writing but hard on acting. Well I’m not perfect. I usually loose my temper but I’m trying my best not to be a horrible boss. Sometimes I don’t really want to call myself a boss, it sounds negative. I would most likely prefer to be called a team leader or something like that boss.

(started on The Boss Psychology I)

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