the boy with the broken stomach
Filipinos would most likely say, “Malayo yan sa bituka, wag kang mag-alala.

Over the past few days the heaven is pouring so hard and several cities and provinces are declaring a state of calamity already. We are still lucky there’s no storm signal yet although the monsoon rain is very alarming. But how much are we prepared for emergencies like these? 

When there’s a bad weather it is advisable to stay indoors and make sure you have enough stock of food and first aid kit. You’ll never know what will happen so you should always be prepared. Unfortunately I was not expecting I’ll be using my first aid kit any sooner. 

Tonight when I was cleaning my bathroom I accidentally hurt myself. Upon standing I hit the faucet giving me an inch big scratch on my back. At first I thought I was just swollen but when I touched my back there’s blood. So I hurried to my cabinet and grab something to clean it. I had a hard time placing the improvised gauze made from tissue paper and checkered band-aid. I took me some time to fix it and I hope I won’t get worse tomorrow.

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