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It’s Friday the 13th!

BREAKING NEWS – N. Korea rocket launch failed. It seems like it's not a lucky day for them.

Unluckily it's the day you might not feel so lucky. Friday the 13th has a negative notion that everything becomes unfavorable the entire day. And if you are planning something, you might want to consider rescheduling it. Especially if you are in the Philippines, where the state is trembling and praying with North Korea opt a rocket launch. You might what to take second thoughts travelling.

Pyongyang, North Korea with its celebration of independence is launching a low Earth orbit called Bright Shining Star 3. The said satellite is designed to monitor "weather, natural disaster and agricultural patterns". This could either boost North Korea or potentially ignite friction to neighboring country if the launch happens to pass the territories like Japan, but for the Philippines, we might not fight back.

"Getting hit by rocket debris like hitting lotto jackpot," said Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. Could knowing this make us feel sounder? Is there any chance that an extremely lucky Filipino is struck by falling debris from the heavenly skies on a Friday the 13th? As our government would say, "Let's just hope and pray."

P.S. Our prayers were answered.

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