the boy with the broken stomach
Don’t look for love let it find you, but remember love is blind.

Love is an unexplainable feeling trigger but some chemical reaction and hormonal secretion that often cause your brain to become illogical. If that is the case, then what is the rationale of falling in love? How could you possibly explain something you don’t understand?

If you had something special, prior to that was friendship. But what if things happened so fast, that you never really had friendship and both of you just went beyond that – is it pure lust? Can there be a slight feeling of affection? I think what happened was an excessive libido production causing confusion to the hypothalamus.
I often get tangled about the psychology regarding love and lust, so I don’t usually delve on those emotions. It is by human nature to get physically attracted first and feelings just follow. So it becomes a mystery to me when to call it love and when to call it desire of the flesh or is it just me being easy to get.

I had a hard time writing this post under a state of uncertainty. Sometimes you'll feel something so good while feeling bad at the same time. Now I understand what people say about love, that at the start you’ll feel the warmth. But suddenly when it fades away you’ll feel so cold and empty as if your chest becomes hollowed. I wish not to give more details about what we had or we hadn’t because in the first place all was a grey area. Until now there’s this one question in my mind. Is it love or libido?

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