the boy with the broken stomach
"Reunion, a thing you always look forward every five years."

It's been like five years when we last saw each other (or most of us). After our graduation rites in high school (that I could hardly remember when), we never had enough time to see each other, make ourselves drunk and reminisce. It was like a chance of a lifetime to see them again; see them in different sizes and colors.

High school friends, could possibly be the nearest set of friends that we might consider as our best friends. They are people closest to our hearts who have been there during our puberty. Your girl friends who has been there when you had your first monthly period. Your dudes and bro's who has been there when you first tasted the glory of alcohol and adult magazine. We shared so many memories with them, that even for so how many years we can't still move one with their green jokes and sanga-sangang pag-ibig (intersecting love). I had a hard time writing this post, because it's hard to for me to type with misty eye.

This experience is very heart warming. The food, the drinks, the memories. I couldn't imagine that we reached this far. I will definitely miss you guys and I'm looking forward to have another reunion. For those who weren't able to attend, envy to death because we enjoyed it. Ulit-ulitan!

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