the boy with the broken stomach
"I'm back! The boy with the broken stomach."

It's like a week that I haven't blogged something; and the reason why, because Google just blocked all my accounts. What a sham! Blogger. Youtube. Gmail. Google Plus. Having several accounts in one company, just like Google, is like putting your entire life in danger.

Without prior notice, I just woke up one day my "accounts" were blocked. Telling me I have violated some piece of crap from a long list of legal issues; from pornography to copyright issues and some stupid things. And I was like, fine!

A week without my blog is like a week of vacation. Freeing myself from mental occupancy of blogging and updating those who care about my life, while Google is acting pervert. This made me realize things. I became productive, meeting requirements at work just in the nick of time. Plus I get to enjoy eating, watching and reading news without having to worry how will I blog them.

And today, after trying to check FeedBurner, I was redirected to my Gmail and asking me to login. I tried and poof (it became…nah, not KoKo Krunch ), inbox loading! Is this how Google celebrate Halloween? Is this trick or treat? They’ll block your account without telling you why and having it back without you telling why again. Isn’t that annoying?

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