the boy with the broken stomach
"A shirt gets dirty. Underwear gets dirty. But a pants, it never gets dirty. You can wear them forever."

Maong pants (blue jeans) have been always a part of Filipino daily clothing. To any public place, it is very common to see people wearing this. Young and old. Ladies and gents. In all color and shape, you’d take by mistake that this is our national costume.

Having a decent pair of maong is a necessity. Whether you’re the simple type or always on the go, you’ll never get wrong with Maong pants. It is very comfy and practical. Not to mention the many ways of wearing it. You can wear it neat and ironed or you can wear it like a rug. We call it the “gula-gulanit” type. This style of pants is so unique and safe, people around won’t be able to tell if it’s a design or you just trip-off the bakod.

Unlike any other clothing, maong pants have no social stratification. Rich kids wear it. Snatchers wear it. Priests wear it. Everybody wears it, as in. And after reading this post, you’ll get paranoid next time you go to the mall. You’ll realize that every person you’ll see are wearing maong pants, like zombies.

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