the boy with the broken stomach
For richer or for poorer.

A native Filipino house will never be complete with the famous, tungkong uling. It’s a device that uses charcoal or drift wood to cook. The elders would always tell that dishes would tastes better using the tungkong uling. It cooks slowly but surely, allowing the flavors to come out evenly. A taste of a true native dish, from the melting pot.

Here in the Philippines, rice is always part of every meal. And it would make it more special if you put pandan leaves on it during the cooking process until mainin. Some would put eggplant on top of the steaming rice that serves as a dish. Although this is a simple meal, a typical Filipino family, especially on the barrios would definitely enjoy. Not to mention the Filipino custom of eating using our bear hands or nakakamay. It’s far better than a spoonful, because a hand can carry more amount of food in a single stroke. After your meal, you not only get a full stomach but a heart filled with love from dishes made special by the tungkong uling. Only in the Philippines!

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