the boy with the broken stomach
Nothing beats the (Magnolia Ice Cream) Classic.

After watching No Other Woman yesterday and did a movie review and seeing good traffic on my Nuffnang account, I decided to reward myself.

My guilty pleasure is ice cream. I love ice cream and I can eat a lot of them until my stomach burst. Ice cream has always made me feel better, brighter and full. It’s like magic. Just few spoonfuls and all your worries will fade away.

When I was a kid, every afternoon I’ll go outside our house waiting for the sorbetero (ice cream man in the Philipppines). He’s carrying this vessel on his sidecar containing all the joyous ice cream in the world. As a kid, few scoops sorbetes in a sugar cone is like a piece of heaven on earth.

I have tried several ice creams. Most of the time I buy Selecta Family Pack; but 800 ml is too big for my appetite. I end up throwing the melted ice cream and wasting it. Then I found Magnolia Ice Cream Classic 425 ml for only 65 pesos, just the right size for both my tummy and my pocket. There were several flavors, I tried the strawberry and it tastes so good. It melts in your mouth like a fresh pick berry on the high lands of Baguio City (if I’m overreacting). It was a wonderful and flavorful experience! You’ll definitely scream for ice cream.

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