the boy with the broken stomach
“Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka!”

I have no plans of watching this movie. I never even thought of wasting my time just to watch a local love story. But I can hear so many people talking about it, reading good reviews and seeing signs that it’s a must-see movie. So I decided to give a try. I was ten minutes late and not actually decided; but then again the urge to watch this movie became strong.

I entered the movie house, arrived at the scene where Anne Curtis fell from the jet ski to the water losing her bikini top and asking Derek Ramsey to put it on, “I hope you don’t mind” (such a flirt). I could hardly recall other details. One thing I was looking forward was the Carmi Martin scene, the one with Gretchen Barretto and Lucy Torres. After hearing her delivered it I was awed, and honestly I was impressed with Cristine Reyes. She’s improving. All the crying and gooey stuff coming out from her nose, love it.

They say it’s an adult movie, 13 and above only. I don’t know if this would make me feel good or bad, but they actually let me in. For that I congratulate myself for looking like (14 year old) an adult already. The love scenes where fantastic, in such a way it doesn’t look like cheap or obscene. It just so happen that the love scene on the beach, where Ann and Derek rolled in the sand, reminded me of a tv commercial, “Dilang masarap, malinamnamnamnam”. Watch it now!

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