the boy with the broken stomach
Release on May 4, 2011
“Horror movie po ito!," Cristine said, one time when she plugged her movie at Showtime. I can’t help but laugh about her statement. She said it like there’s something’s wrong with the title. I mean, the title isn’t that dirty or malicious in anyway (sort of J). It’s a good thing Cristine is doing a horror film for a change. It’s not every day we hear her screaming in vain. It’s one way of spicing things up for her career.

In the movie, Cristine Reyes is playing as Grace, wife of Ronnie who is played by Carlo Aquino. They are a newlywed couple fortunate enough to have a decent condominium unit from Ronnie’s deceased father. Little they know that this unit is inhabited by strange tenants. Grace starts to experience haunting and sightings, not to mention an incubus. As the occurrence progress, she discovers that the building was built on a “TUMBOK,” a convergence of three roads which is believed to be unlucky. Tragic deaths happen caused by Mark, the building caretaker who turns out to be the devil trapping souls into the vortex. He is also the incubus that makes love to Grace. To have a glimpse of the movie, you may want to watch the trailer below (via VIVAentertainment001).

After watching the trailer, I was impressed to see something fresh and original. The total atmosphere is realistic and fascinating. The style of Direct Topel Lee is similar to Asian Horror films I’ve watched. All the suspense and subtle thrill will give you goose bumps. Another good point about this film is infusing the mystics of Filipino superstitious belief and the unknown. It’s a sure win for moviegoers who want horror film. So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a ticket and watch "TUMBOK" on movie houses near you!

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