the boy with the broken stomach
Early this morning I was surprised when I found out via News Feeds that Facebook has implemented a new scheme of tagging your friends on a post. You can now tag your friends without using the @ symbol. Now users can change the length of a specific tag within a status update by deleting parts of their friend's name. This could have a very big impact in status update experience.
The tagging of a user make it easier for people who see the status to click through to your friend’s profile. More important is that your friend will now be notified that he or she was tagged in your status.

Facebook often strives to mimic communication in the physical world when designing its products. When mentioning a friend in conversation with mutual friends we often use only part of their name, but use the full name when speaking to those unfamiliar with that person. Now, the same option to choose how much of a name is mentioned depending on context is available in post tagging.(Josh Constine)

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