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No,it’s not the end of the world or about Osama’s death. It’s a new Filipino TV show!

Yes that’s right! The Filipino TV series that aired yesterday 100 Days to Heaven topped on Twitter trends. I was surprised to discover that on the first day of airing, the show gained so much attention, making it on top on Twitter trends.

Ms. Anna Manalastas (portrayed by Coney Reyes) is the mean, icy and cunning owner of a toy empire. One day, the car she is in explodes. Upon her death, Anna realizes she is about to go to Hell. But being a good negotiator, she strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper to give her a second chance at earning a ticket to Heaven. Anna is given 100 days to do good to those she had wronged in her life. But it won’t be as easy as she expects. Once on earth, she realizes that she is not back as her old self but as a helpless 7-year old(portrayed by Xyriel Manabat). Witness how a child with a cold heart resolves her issues on her way to the gates of heaven.(

The funny thing about this incident is that non-Filipino users are relating #100daystoheaven to Osama Bin Laden’s death. Isn’t it hilarious? I was seeing foreigners posting video links of bin Laden. They also thought it’s the end of the world. I found a post saying “Are we gonna die soon?The good thing about having a worldwide trending topic like this is that Filipinos can relate to it while foreigners go crazy!

Now I can say that Filipinos are really fond of watching new shows. I don’t know if it’s just curiosity that drives them, or it’s just a great show. I congratulate all the people behind 100 Days to Heaven for doing such a wonderful pilot episode. I'm looking forward for this everyday!

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