the boy with the broken stomach
When I was a little kid, I grew from a Catholic School. The nuns (yes, the one with a veil) thought us so much about doing good deeds, praying the rosary and helping others, just to pacify the idea of entering the kingdom of heaven. As I grew older and took up some lectures about other religion I realize that there are contradicting beliefs. Not no mention that Christianity has several variation. In that case, I have nothing against any of the religious groups and/or organization out there. As for my opinion, things could not be summed to what those people dictates you. You will only get confused to which is right. As you age, you will be more knowledgeable about things. One day you will find your self laughing and realize things could be much lighter.
I wonder what lies after this life. Is there really a "life after death"? Will there still be Facebook there? Can we still tweet? Well, no one know until we get there. So just to give you a nice glimpse of what could possibly be there, here's a short film called Saga of Biorn.Hope you'll like it.

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