the boy with the broken stomach
Filipinos has always been know to its hospitality and love for celebrations. Today I've celebrated my graduation which was held yesterday.The warmth from relatives and friends is very overwhelming. Not to mention the abundant food to ease the tummy (specially the worms inside) of every guest.

Special occasions could not be completed without taking pictures. I can still recall when I was a little boy my mom used to take pictures. During that time the only available medium of storage was film. After developing those pictures, people usually keep the negative for future use of reproduction.

With the advent of technology, digital cameras where born. Taking pictures were as easy as pushing a button and a flash(well not always).

When the Internet was born, it was made even cooler. Social networks offered photo publishing. People can upload and share their precious moments to the world.

Photo tagging in Facebook has been there for quite sometime. It allows user to tag people inside that picture. With this feature it became useful to everyone. It made photos over the network more organize and more related.

I was surprised that this feature went to the next level. Facebook has been clever of actually detecting faces on the picture and grouping them to help you quickly label them. I was so astonished of how it was able to accurately detect my face(yes I think my face is a challenge for facial recognition). All I can say to the people inside Facebook is a good well done. I can't imagine how much more innovation can Facebook offer among its user. Could there be anything more compelling than this? I hope the next time I upload picture on Facebook, they'll do the tagging for us; and that's we call laziness.

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