the boy with the broken stomach

Daveil or Kristian Dave Arroyo-Alaras in real life, is a Filipino programmer, writer and artists from Balayan, Batangas who wants to contribute to the world his passion for innovation, creativity and crazy ideas. He loves coffee too.

He wanted to be a scientist when he was in Kindergarten and ended up as a developer. Practicing his expertise in web-based application for only two years, but has gained more than enough experience than a typical cubicle-bound programmer. It makes him giggle inside when clients thank him, proving his doing his job right.

He loves to write. Ever since he was a kid you would find him toying with pen and paper. Scribbling, writing and creating a world where he's the boss. Even though he writes a lot, he has problems with his grammar. He has trouble with the indirect and direct object clause or whatever his English teacher calls it.

He indulgences himself to artworks and anything that sparks creativity. It has become so natural for him to see what's easy in the eye making him self-conscious about himself; that his psyche and appearance does not satisfy his own standards. All in all he's an artists trap on a not so artistic body.

Enough with his formal-third-person annotation. I'm Daveil (pronounce like a devil) who just wanted to share my thoughts in the internet. I'm the boy with the broken stomach!

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