the boy with the broken stomach
"A friend is a treasure far more precious than gold."

It's been three years since we last saw Babygail "Baboy" Villarin, our cute and cuddly high school classmate. She's a long time friend to whom I share a lot of crazy memories. She tried her luck abroad to make a living and help her family. Away from home was hard but she's a strong woman. She is gold!

Like any other reunions it would not be complete without the inevitable chats and fun filled stories. Babygail has so much tell to us. Her life in abroad wasn't that easy and I was shocked about what happened to her. I was amazed that she manage to make wise decisions for her situation. Looking back on the series of events that happened to her, she was lucky enough that the odds were always on her favor.

Even though we've been apart for years, our friendship was still there because it was solid as gold. And it is safe to say she is one of my few true friends. Here or away she never forgets. I wish her more blessings in life.Go Baby Gold!

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