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"I want iPhone!"

You want to buy an iPhone but you're not sure which plan and provider to choose. With several plans varying from zero to a couple of bucks and the tug between getting which model and color, how can you decide? To make it easier, I provided some tips that I think would ease your problem.


iPhone 5C. If you like colorful phone and doesn't care if it's plastic as long as it has an Apple logo. If you want a the latest iPhone but want it cheaper. If you want the same functionality of the previous model iPhone 5 with some extra features.

iPhone 5S. If you want a sophisticated phone and doesn't care if you spend more. If you want the advanced features but doesn't care if  most features on lesser model is available also. If you want a gold phone and it's the only thing that matters.

Which phone?


999 plus. If you're getting an iPhone, you're getting a smartphone.If it has no data plan it's a dumbphone. If you'll gonna choose a less plan you won't be able to have unlimited Internet wasting the LTE capability of iPhone 5S & 5C.


Smart. If your place is on it's LTE coverage area  which you can readily check on their website here. If you want good cash out pricing and you consume less texts and call. If you want your SIM immediately activate after an hour or more.

Globe. If you think your place is on it's LTE coverage area  which you can feel in your gut or otherwise search the whole Internet. If you want better consumables and slightly pricey monthly fee. If it doesn't bother you waiting for your SIM to activate after 24 hours or more as long as you have the phone.

Which provider?


Smart has amazing offers and is suitable people who consume less texts and calls. I recommend Plan 1500 for iPhone 5C with Php 10,000 cash out and iPhone 5S with Php 15,000 cash out, both 32GB model because you need a decent storage for two years. Globe has greats consumable offers literally doubling it, so paying a little extra might not be an issue. I recommend  Plan 1799 for  iPhone 5C with Php 9,600 cash out and  iPhone 5S with Php 14,880 cash out, same reason for storage for two years.

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