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BBM for Android
"BBM for all, is it for better or worse?"

Big NO!

For the skeptics BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android is a shame. The reason it's called BBM because it was meant to run on a BlackBerry device much like iMessage on an  iOS device. I personally dislike the idea of porting the only good thing left from having a BlackBerry and just opening the party to everyone. If this is one hopeless action of  Research In Motion Limited ,well I guess it's just making its users switch to the competitors a lot easier.

Bad move.

BBM is now for everybody, by that I mean everybody who has a smartphone, even the cheap one. When I wasn't still owning a BlackBerry I look upon the prestige of those who have one. It wasn't about the device because we all know that these kind of phones are more tactile and low-tech; but instead it was its exclusive messaging app. Share your pin to everyone but still have  control over who you add as your contact. It has  a very corporate yet inviting vibe. Not to mention it's very affordable monthly subscription. It let's you be sosyal and at the same time be frugal.

BBM is the new Black.

Making BBM available for all might have some benefits. For the old users, it lets them reconnect again to old contacts but for those who just set-up their BBM account it's just another messaging app to add to their scarce phone memory. Although the number of downloads are quite impressive I think it's just a temporary hype that everyone is getting into. Wearing a black doesn't automatically make you a rock star.

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