the boy with the broken stomach
“They say it comes in age.”

Family reunion, one of those special occasions we look forward especially the warmth of getting together and seeing everyone in good shape. Not to mention the joyous celebration of our grandmother’s 65th birthday!

It’s fascinating how time flies and I can’t believe they’re happening before my eyes. Our eldest cousin got married while our youngest just turned one. My childhood buddy just got his first job and a couple of years more we’ll have a teacher and an architect in the family. It’s very interesting how things went. But if there’s more delightful above all these great happenings, it’s our lola’s 65th birthday; without her we won’t all be here.

She was the one who took care of me when my mother is not around. And I could not thank her enough for all of the things she thought me, plus the wonderful dishes she cooks. I could still remember my high school days on her canteen. I used to help her and get extra money for giving a hand. I’d be forever thankful for my lola’s earnest love and care for me. All I want for her is good health and more birthdays to come. (Naks! Orig na orig.Unique)

Buhos o palitada?
Diamonds are forever. Forever! 

It almost a year since I started having regular sessions on my favorite facial center, Lynderm. I will never forget the first facial treatment. It's funny and painful session; but I can attest that since then there have been improvements.

My friends and relatives keep teasing me glowing and it tickles me a lot hearing this from them. I guess a little more teasing and I can give them twenty pesos already. “Wow! Kapogi ba ni tutoy.”, and I will just smile back. Kilig to the bones.

Usually I undergo their signature facial but I also wanted to try one of their services particularly the Diamond Peel, with its amazing process of gently exfoliating your skin. My dermatologist didn't want me to try it if I have active zits or reddish skin. But I guess I was gifted with rosy cheeks and it seems safe. So she agreed for me to undergo the procedure.

First thing I thought were they‘ll be using a shiny diamond to scrape my skin with a ring in mind. My expectation was way beyond what actually happened. My eyes were closed and I have no idea what it looks like but as far as I can remember there were three types of object pounding and rubbing my face. All of them had a circular sucking motion with a tingling sensation. Afterwards I feel exfoliated as if I had a new pair of skin. It’s great, smaller pores and smoother skin. It’s like magic!