the boy with the broken stomach
Ang reunion habang dalaga at binata, samantalahin. Dahil pag nag-asawa at hindi kilala ng barkada. Wala na. Hindi na “makukutaptapan.”

Reunion doesn’t need to be a big event. It could be as simple as going to a fast food restaurant and wait for your friend from Singapore to come and treat the gang. And as the song goes, ‘Kay tagal mong nawala, babalik ka rin. Babalik ka rin!’ Welcome to the Philippines Ms. Desiree de Jesus!

Last year’s reunion was a big success. We were able to meet and greet those long lost classmates. Some when from fat to fab others thin to thick. And today is yet another memory to cherish. Our batch was reunited once more. Fewer but sweeter. Simple but terrible. And as always we never miss to make a very noticeable presence in our favorite meeting place.

As there years go by we cannot neglect the fact that we’ll all have our own life. It’s normal that we won’t be seeing each other more often. But let us not forget that no matter what happens, even we’re distance apart, we’re all still friends. We’re still those young hearts back in high school, yearning for a friendship that could last a life time. Naks!

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