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How much do you value time? Does it matter to you if you get late on a meeting? Do you exert enough time in your studies or at work? These are the few things that I am also guilty.

I must admit I’m a buzzer beater. I often get late on meetings. During college I’d like to study in a hurry. It makes me feel good when I’m under time pressure. It’s like an addictive adrenaline rush every time I’m catching up. But sometimes it becomes stressful too. You’re putting yourself to a situation that could have been avoided if you did it earlier. You could have done better. But why is it that we like to do it that way?

One solution to this dilemma is to be able to learn time management. Plan things ahead and anticipate things that could delay your transaction. For example when you’re heading to a meeting; take into account the traffic on your way. Find alternate routes if any. When doing school projects or preparing for an exam, have in mind a clear goal. Do it piece by piece. Don’t clutter things at once, because it can even make things worse.

So what better ways to manage your time than to have a wrist watch? It’s very handy and lets you keep track of time. Not only is it convenient, it’s also fashionable. During the early days, wrist watch defines one’s status symbol in the society. And as of today it becomes more practical to own one and can also be a good investment. It’s just about good timing.

Time is the most precious thing in this world. It's one thing you can’t buy with money. You can never bring back time and so don't wait for it to be late for you will realize how important it is. Always remember: Timex gold.

Nicki Minaj live in Manila with swarming fans all over the colossal SM Mall of Asia Arena. It was the best pink night ever!

Pink Friday it is! It’s all about neon outfits, fierce moves, tongue twist and pink fumes fumigating the audience. The gates opened at 7 p.m. and the show started around 9 p.m. The Arena was trembling as the fans with flashy stick scream their hearts out as the curtains were pulled up and the lights were out revealing Nicki on a black robe.

Roman’s revenge for an opening was a good choice, like a dungeon dragon. Underneath the robe was her signature color neon green and pink, a total boom! I could hardly remember the details because I was  carried by the moment seeing her. This was a chance of a lifetime.

The night will not be complete without Nicki's trademark Super Bass as her closing number; banging the entire Arena with the boom and the bam, like a suppah bass! That was the best part and gave me goose bumps from the thrill and excitement. Everyone was in ecstasy. The show ended with a sweet – ‘Good night Manila!

Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom boom, badoom, boom bass?

Trending now on twitter on Philippines and making its way to the worldwide trends; “Welcome to the Philippines” as everyone’s tweeting for the arrival of the pop star Nicki Minaj. Who else doesn’t know her? She’s the girl with a well groomed pink wig. Shoot! Sorry they say it’s not a wig, my bad.

Nicki Minaj just arrived for her one-night concert – The Pink Friday Tour. According to a report at around 5 p.m earlier her plane landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1. She was wearing a nice teal cap and purple shades (more like jeje-shades to me) and was warmly welcome by her fans.

Tomorrow the SM Mall of Asia Arena at Pasay City will experience the momentous boom and the only Southeast Asian leg of The Pink Friday Tour. For all of those who are lucky enough to have a ticket, enjoy and have fun! At the moment of writing this article, I’m currently looking for friends can sell me one. Oh my! I missed Lady Gaga please don’t let me missed Nicki Minaj.

I don't get it. Tomorrow's Thursday but the concert says The Pink Friday Tour. So confused. Boom! Sabi ni Boy Pick-up