the boy with the broken stomach
It’s gotta be wet. It’s gotta be wild. If it’s not Bagoong then it’s gotta be Parada ng Lechon!

Balayan, Batangas is known for its famous Parada ng Lechon (Lechon Parade). You get to see, smell and taste these juicy roasted pork ornamented in their platform from costumes and fancy d├ęcor highlighted on the streets.

As a tradition and of course for fun, there should be basaan (getting someone wet),  targeting the sexy and good-looking ladies; pouring cold water on their backs to make them scream so loud. We call this shinning-shimmering-attention-grabbing moment as ‘applauded’.

Like any other year, a fiesta will not be complete without special appearances. You get to see some artist and bands and politicians, like our very own Mr. Leo Martinez, Viva Hot Babe Jaycee Parker, Akbayan Party List Representative Risa Hontiveros and a whole lot more. I was so surprised to see Ms. Risa here, because you don’t usually see them in events like this, where you get to pour her some ice cold water (Brrr!).

Kids all over the sidewalk with their water guns shooting anyone spotted in any part they wanted (mostly on the nose, causing some sort of sudden pain on the air passage). Experience the thrill and excitement of this year’s Parada ng Lechon, because getting wet has never been this fun especially here in the Philippines, only at Balayan, Batangas.

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