the boy with the broken stomach
I’m size six!

Filipinos are thoughtful. Whenever we go somewhere We would always find ways to bring something to our loved ones when we get back. We call it pasalubong. Even if it’s a simple key chain, chichiria, shirt or Converse shoes would mean a lot to the recipient.

When I was a kid and my mom goes to the market I always tell her to bring a pasalubong when she gets back. And even on a tight budget she will still have something when she returns. This is how loving and caring Filipinos are. We always make sure, we make the people closest to our heart to be happy.

To all my relatives, friends, godparents and acquaintances abroad, let me take this opportunity to tell you how much care for you (and your balik-bayan box). I know it’s hard to be away; but wouldn’t it be nice to be here in Christmas with all your loved ones waiting (for all the chocolates, perfume, shirts, shoes, and cash). We missed you here in the Philppines!

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