the boy with the broken stomach
Facebook is considered as the most popular social network of today's generation. Almost every people on the planet is using it. Either from the main website, mobile devices or desktop applications, it stays to its promise of connectivity to the people you care about (or even worst the people you don't).

With all the good deals the site has to offer, we cannot neglect some of  the negative effects to us. Some people over the internet coined it as "Facebook Addiction Disorder". This post may be a little bit outdated with regards to Facebook addiction; but I think this could be still to others who aren't aware of this uncontrollable craving. This repetitive act can actually ruin your life or if  not destroy your image as a person.

Being an active user of the site, I witnessed many instances of disagreement online. Even I was also a victim of this online fight.  I realized that the insanity of actually visiting someone else's profile just to know what the other is telling about you is ruining.With so much information at hand and exposure to public eye there could be a dilemma. Though the feeling of  reading posts against you is not that good, it is still addictive.In my case I don't really mind what it's all about I just wanted to know what does the post says. Then later down the line I realize things wont end if I wont stop. I will only live to ill feelings and hatred.

Being an application developer of the site, I too have some troubles special when I actually broke my own account. Without knowing what does a test account means. I was too late for me to know that the settings is irreversible. I had to suffer the punishment of curiosity. All my friends and other connection became in accessible. And as the name implies my account became a test account for the application I'm developing that time. During that moment I realize the true meaning of the phrase "experience is the best teacher." That experience was so good that I learned to add all my friends again after creating a new account. And it wasn't that easy.

With all of the things Facebook has done to my life I still wont regret that "Facebook ruined my life!", because it wont be this good if things didn't happened. I always believe that things happen for a reason. Reasons we don't know yet until the time comes.

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