the boy with the broken stomach
"Art should always express and not impress others. It's one way of communicating your emotions, inspirations and inner thoughts."

It's been ages since the last time I got my hands dirty from paint. The thrill of getting messy while making something beautiful from mixing colors and experimenting strokes. Just letting your imagination manifest on the canvas.

Your online album would not be complete without a selfie, a self-portrait taken by a digital camera or mobile phone, so common that it becomes annoying to some. So I tried something new but still feels familiar.Why not take your selfie to the next level like painting it. Below is how I did mine. If you want, you can also try to do your own. No drawing skills required. All you need is your creativity and patience and materials such as pencil, eraser, canvas, acrylic paint and brush.

  1. Select your selfie and have it printed.
  2. Fasten the print out at the back on the canvas.
  3. Held the canvas against a light source & trace.
  4. After tracing, you can now start painting.
If this is your first time to use paint or you haven't painted for quite some time like me, this might be tricky. Just be patient and to be afraid to experiment and make a mess. You will soon find how to control your brush. Apply the paint thickly to add texture and let it mix randomly to develop interesting strokes. Enjoy and be proud of your masterpiece.

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