the boy with the broken stomach
"Art should always express and not impress others. It's one way of communicating your emotions, inspirations and inner thoughts."

It's been ages since the last time I got my hands dirty from paint. The thrill of getting messy while making something beautiful from mixing colors and experimenting strokes. Just letting your imagination manifest on the canvas.

Your online album would not be complete without a selfie, a self-portrait taken by a digital camera or mobile phone, so common that it becomes annoying to some. So I tried something new but still feels familiar.Why not take your selfie to the next level like painting it. Below is how I did mine. If you want, you can also try to do your own. No drawing skills required. All you need is your creativity and patience and materials such as pencil, eraser, canvas, acrylic paint and brush.

  1. Select your selfie and have it printed.
  2. Fasten the print out at the back on the canvas.
  3. Held the canvas against a light source & trace.
  4. After tracing, you can now start painting.
If this is your first time to use paint or you haven't painted for quite some time like me, this might be tricky. Just be patient and to be afraid to experiment and make a mess. You will soon find how to control your brush. Apply the paint thickly to add texture and let it mix randomly to develop interesting strokes. Enjoy and be proud of your masterpiece.

I was overwhelmed by several birthday greetings but there's this one friend who got me. "Happy Birthday! More Candles to blow." Hilarious!
A birthday is one of those special occasions I cherish. It marks a new chapter in one's life and it might sound a cliché but it's true that you're a year older and a year wiser. It's that one day in a year that represents who you are, a personal mark of your existence. It's the day you are born and got your own taste of the world after several months inside your mother's womb. Finally you are free!

Ever year I've been receiving the similar greetings on my social media accounts but one standout this year. It made me smile, actually it made me laugh. Instead of more birthdays to come my friend told me, "more candles to blow." This might sound funny but if you look it on another perspective it makes sense. It's a symbolism of one's burning desire to strive for more and a powerful blow of courage to face all endeavors, wishing for the best. Because life  is a piece of cake that offers your opportunity should not afford to miss, like Red Ribbon Dedication Cakes, with "rich chocolate cake with fudgy chocolate icing and filling and topped with colorful sugar confetti", for only Php 299 a dozen mouth can enjoy.

More than two decades, 23 years of life journey to be exact. I have grown from a little kid who wanted to be a scientist into a young programmer striving to influence people and trying things that I hope help others. But through the years of endless pursuit am I doing the right thing? Actually I don't know but for sure I'll figure it out along the way. Everything in this world is open ended. We make our own decisions whether we did a good one or we fail, it's our life and we are in charge of it.