the boy with the broken stomach
I’m a terrible boss. I know for a fact that I have an attitude problem but let’s not forget the fact that they also have some attitude problem. Would that be fair enough?

During college we had this one subject about General Psychology. Well, the basic stuff of how man thinks and reacts. I never thought that this would be so much useful at work. With some basic tools you can actually run a team and show them who the boss is.

With the nature of my work and the tasks assigned to be you can consider me a boss but not like those you see on television or movie. I had a hard time convincing myself I’m a boss already, technically speaking. Currently I’m supervising a small team of programmers and I had to put an extra effort both for my team and for myself to be able to accomplish all our tasks. And here some few tips that proved to be effective in handling a handful of mischievous gremlins.

Positive reinforcement works best. Accomplishing a task could be more inviting when there’s a reward. Simple thing like pizza or even kutkutin (butong pakwan, korniks etc.) would be fine would be fine. It’s one good way to excite and savor them. Always remember a sure way to a man’s heart is to his stomach.

(continued on The Boss Psychology II)

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