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It’s just one hundred forty characters away to tell the world your fairytale story!

Twitter has also been so popular over time. With its simplicity and elegance who would ever think that it would be a great hit. With the introduction of Twitter in the cyberspace, things have changed a lot. It’s now easier for us to know about business, politics, entertainment and even royalties.

The William and Kate nuptial, or others call it “The Wedding of the Century”, has gained so much traffic over the Internet from major search engines and social networks. This became evident to worldwide trending topics on Twitter related to the royal wedding. The heaviest tweets came from London, New York and Toronto, to name a few. Topics include William & Kate, #RoyalWedding, and #RW11 that reached over a million tweets during the ceremony.

The immense traffic bought by this event is overwhelming. What astounds me more is when “THEY KISSED” on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace, as users tweeted it simultaneously. It’s like reading a fairytale love story happening in real time. This modern day couple has changed the world and made us believe again for a happy ending.

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