the boy with the broken stomach
Blogging is fun! It lets you tell your story to the world. But sometimes others wont actually go directly to your blog just to read your story. And if your blog is still starting, people wont really mind checking it. I have experienced that for quite sometime. I usually tell my friends to go to this link and check out my articles. Few people appreciated this kind of social activity. So I decided to think of a way to make it more convenient for my friends to view my blog posts.

After googling for several minutes, I discovered that Facebook actually caters importing external blogs to user's notes. I was amazed to see that you can actually get to link your blog so easily. I would like to call this Flog as in Facebook Blog.

First you need to go to your notes page. On the left most corner you will find a subscribe section at the bottom.

Click on "Edit import settings" and you will be redirected to a page as shown below:

Put your blog's URL and start importing like magic. After linking your blog, Facebook will automatically add your new posts into your notes. It's as easy as that, one time set up and you're good to go. Every time you add new articles, it gets published to your wall and to the news feeds, thus your friends can actually realize you just did something awesome Being able to penetrate Facebook can attract more readers. Soon you'll realize you'll have a good traffic for your blog.

But wait! One caution to you people who are so excited with this feature. After setting up mine then undoing things and setting it up again my Facebook account became "temporarily unavailable." The system thought I was spamming. I had to wait for few minutes before my account recovered. I was so scared. I thought I would loose everything. So to you people out there be careful next time you explore Facebook because you'll never know where's the booby trap. Nevertheless, don't stop blogging and tell the world your story (even if few cares).

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