the boy with the broken stomach
"Beer me some coffee."

There are two things that I couldn't resist — alcohol and coffee. If it's a Starbucks coffee count me in and if it's FREE tag be double. Ever since I discovered the wonders of overrated coffee I started to become addicted to it.

Owning the green shinny Starbucks Card is a token of pride and association to the magnificent bean blender from heaven. Like other loyalty program you earn points (or stars in this case) each you use the card for purchase. 12 stars and you will get a FREE Grande Beverage of your choice. It just makes you to get more until you finally redeem that one FREE coffee. Crazy isn't it?

As a "semi-regular" customer, by that I mean an occasional drinker since those cups aren't cheap, I've been witnessing lucky customers receiving this peculiar receipt, as the barista congratulates him/her. I wonder why. Then one day it dawn on me, a longer than usual receipt written with the words — "Customer Voice Receipt". Aha! This is it. The rare receipt given to a random yet lucky customer that entitles him/her on a FREE Beverage. Crazier!

On,you will be prompted an online survey asking you to key in your Customer Code found on the receipt and answer some questions. When you finish this you will get a Complimentary Beverage ID which you need to write on your receipt and present it on the store to redeem. Just a warning, offer expires 14 days from the date of the receipt so make sure you will not miss this FREE treat from Starbucks.

"Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!"

I'm one of those little kids who adore the jiggly-jolly bee mascot. And now I'm a young man, or a kidult (kid+adult) if you will, I still do. Jollibee has always had this charisma over me that when the Happyplüs Card was launched a year ago I instantly signed up.

Happyplüs Card is  JFC’s customer loyalty program with rewarding benefits on every transaction to its members:

  • Get 1 point for every Php 50 you spend and use those points to get FREE food
  • Load your card at least Php 100 to earn a raffle entry on their monthly draw. 

With the convenience of fast cashless transaction, powered by BPI how can you not be hooked?

I've been using my Happyplüs again for sometime no. The only thing I was mainly concerned about was the ease of just bringing less cash and relying on my earned points, that's it. Then yesterday I received a text from the Happyplüs informing me about winning their monthly raffle. I was surprised that I had to double check on their website that I really won. Yes! I was one of the lucky winners of  Php 500 load.

I guess this the odds are on my favor these past few weeks. So what are you waiting for? If you still don't have the Happyplüs card, get yours now. You might just also win not just a few bucks but an astounding Php 100,000 cash. 

"I think it's important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy." -Paula Cole

Everyday has always been an expense. From the moment you wake up in the morning to take a shower up to the charging you phone before you sleep. Over the weekend you spend buying your grocery to fill up you fridge for the entire week or so. Have you ever wondered where to get FREE money? Does the economy haven't had enough that it spare some to you?

Slowly but surely most of us are turning our spending behavior on cashless transactions. With the ease of our ATM cards and POS card terminals on almost every establishments,t it is clear we are enjoying the benefits of living on the 21st century. But what if I tell you that you can even have more benefits aside from convenience. What if you can actually get a rebate, FREE money when you spend. Isn't that amazing?

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has launched their Payday Everyday Promo which entitles BPI Debit card holders 1% rebate all-year-round when they spend of no minimum amount on a payday via  Express Payment System (E.P.S) from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. To redeem simply text:

IM ON EPSREBATE (space) Card Number/Transaction Date (MMDDYYYY)/ Transaction Amount to 2256 on all networks.
A confirmation will be sent to you and rebates will reflect after 5 banking days. For more info visit

"It's not the destination but the journey."

What will you feel if your kindergarten classmate/friend has finally tied the knot to that one person she will be for life? Well I guess, it is only normal to feel this weird tingling sensation of happiness and excitement. It's like you're seeing a fairy tale happening right before your eyes that's totally surreal.

It is in our twenties that big things happen. Getting a job,buying a car or in this case getting married. I didn't see it coming this soon. That girl you knew since you started schooling and  had your first communion with, the pretty lady on your high school batch that you called "OTS" and now the woman in her bridal gown walking down the isle, wearing the sweetest smile. Isn't that crazy? She's getting married!

The entire day was a fun filled adventure, from finding our way to the magnificent San Antonio De Padua Church up to the majestic reception at Ville Sommet. Although it was not an easy ride, I had the most amazing bonding experience with my two friends Kim (@kemkemhurhurr) and Vina (@iko18), as we battle against the dusty and rough roads up to the embarrassing walkathon. All of these was paid off when we finally got closer to the beautiful bride Mrs. Beverly Paolene Baretto-Nioko and his dashing groom Mr. Alvin Baretto-Nioko. After an very exhausting day we were able to say our best wishes to our friend and his husband. Congratulations to both of you!

Update: Photos from the church of San Antonio de Padua, Silang, Cavite

"The scariest thing to happen to you on a pay day – Debit of Doom!"

After days of toil and hard work you have always look forward to that day. We all look forward to that special day when we feel like we're a one day millionaire, as if we can buy everything; then shit happens.

You go to an ATM, flawlessly inserted your card and punched your PIN. You have mastered the menus and can even withdraw without looking on the screen. The machine then ejected your card and your hand sweat for that lush and tender cash you worked for weeks. It took a while than the usual but you know it's just a matter of seconds, but time passed by and the line behind you is getting longer, people are getting annoyed. Then you realized that you have been a victim of the scariest thing called Debit of Doom.

What should you do to this crisis? First panic! Let the tension and irritation overwhelm you. Then afterwards, calm down. Think straight. If you have access on an online banking, check your balance immediately. If you have been debited, keep the receipt if you have one. Talk to the personnel of the bank or if none is available call the hotline. Usually it is printed on the machine. Document everything  you can have as proof such as screenshot. Lastly hope for the best.

They say prevention is better than cure. If this doesn't happened to you before, then lucky you. To prevent this from happening, always select a decent ATM:

  1. Don't withdraw to machine that no one is falling in line. You might see that as a good opportunity but  that might also be a sign that no one is trusting that buggy machine.
  2. As much as possible look for personnel near the machine just in case your transaction fails.
  3. Never talk to strangers who ought to help you, this might be just a modus.
  4. You might not see it convenient but it's safer to withdraw with a crowded areas like a mall. Although you're swarming among those crazy people you can assure assistance just in case something unexpected happens.
I hope this will never happen to you. If it does, remember the tips I told you. This can help you through.